Inn Rules

Your choice of Aconchego is a privilege for us.
May your stay bring happy moments!

Our front desk is open from 10:30 am to 8:00 pm. We are here to serve you in whatever way possible. Outside these hours, in case of emergency, use the cell phone number to contact us: +55 75 99706-0020;


Access by the guest is 24h;

The electrical network of the inn and of the entire island is 220V;

We recommend to store clothes and personal itens inside the room. After 11:00 pm it is convenient to guarantee silence. Let's rest to enjoy a new day;

Visits are not allowed in the rooms. Only in the coffee area with prior knowledge of the reception;

It is prohibited to smoke in the Inn, either in the room as in common areas. In case of disrespect, a fee of R$100 (one hundred reais) will be charged per day for anti-tobacco cleaning;

Breakfast is served from 8:00 am to 10:00 am;

It is prohibited to use stoves, lighters, portable stoves and similar equipment in the Inn;

When leaving the room, be sure to turn off the taps, turn off the lights, tv and air conditioning, in addition to closing the door and windows;

Housekeeping closes at 1:00 pm;

Sheets and towels are changed every two days when the stay includes two more nights after the date scheduled for the change. Placing towels on the floor or anywhere else is not the norm of the house and will not involve changes;

The cost for loss or damage will be: R$50 (fifty reais) per piece of towel or bedding items, R$70 (seventy reais) for TV remote control, R$70 (seventy reais) for air conditioning control, R$100.00 (one hundred reais) for access keys to the Inn;

Do not throw trash, toilet paper or absorbents in the toilet. In case of clogging, the plumber's service fee will be charged;

Objects forgotten at the inn will be kept for a maximum period of thirty days and returned via post office, with shipping fees to be collected. After this period, without manifestation, we will forward the objects for donation;

Our daily rates starts at 2:00 pm and ends at 12:00 am the following day. If it is necessary to stay before or after this time, the safekeeping of luggage can be done at the front desk;

We will be very happy if you want to stay at the Inn after the agreed period has ended, however, it is necessary to confirm availability at least 24 hours in advance at front desk


Federal Law 8069/1990: It is not allowed to host minors under 18 years of age unaccompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Federal Law 12,546/2011 dec.8,262/2014: It is prohibited to smoke in partially closed collective places, on either side, by wall, partition, ceiling or awning.

Municipal Law 553/2018: The consumption of long neck bottles is prohibited on the island.